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Are you visiting Cappadocia?

This is the place to start.

Below I answer all the most common questions I receive from visitors. If you have a question that is not listed, please ask it in the comments, and I will add it to the list (and give an answer, of course).

Click the arrow to the left of each question ​to expand it and see the answer. Also, within the answer you will usually find links to posts that provide more details. Sometimes the header link will take you to another post. The links will open in new pages.

Can you recommend a Cappadocia hotel? And what about camping in Cappadocia?

Can you guide me to some good Cappadocia restaurants? Also, I need some advice on Turkish food.

How do I get from the airport to my Cappadocia hotel? Are there shuttles?

What are the Top 10 things to do in Cappadocia?

What are the Top 10 things to see in Cappadocia?

What can we do with kids in Cappadocia?

I have 1-5 days in Cappadocia. How should I spend them?

Do I need a tour guide? If so, can you recommend one?

Should I do one of the packaged tours?

Can you help me with a hot air balloon ride?

Can I use public transportation in Cappadocia or should I rent a car or scooter?

What can I get for gifts/souvenirs in Cappadocia and where is the best place to buy them?

Can you give us any advice on buying a Turkish carpet or rug in Cappadocia?

I like to get off the Beaten Path. Where can I go in Cappadocia?

Is Cappadocia a city?

What do I do in case of emergency in Cappadocia?

Can I use my cell phone when I visit Cappadocia?

Where was Star Wars filmed?

How do I get from Istanbul to Cappadocia?

Which airport should I fly into when I visit Cappadocia?

Can you recommend some books about Turkey to read while traveling?

I am interested in visiting a mosque while in Turkey. What do I need to know?

Can you recommend a travel agent or tour company for my time in Cappadocia/Turkey?

Do you have any photos to help me see what Cappadocia is like?

I have heard about the different valleys in Cappadocia. Do you have information on them?

I heard about the Cappadocian Fathers. Who were they?

I have heard about Turkish Baths (Hamams) but am not sure about going to one. What can I expect? Should I go?

Where can I exchange money in Cappadocia? Also, can I expect most businesses to accept credit cards?

Which underground city do you recommend?

We have heard a lot about fairy chimneys. What can you tell us about them?

Are there sites in Central Cappadocia that are NOT on the tours and/or are given short shrift?

We want to travel around Turkey when we leave Cappadocia. Can you give us any help with the bus schedule?

Should we make time to visit Erciyes Volcano?

I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy Turkish music. Have you written anything about it?

What is up with all the camels in Cappadocia? Are they indigenous to the area?

We are not just tourists, we live in Turkey and want to buy a car. Since you live here maybe you could give us some advice?

What is the history of Cappadocia?

The pottery is beautiful. Can you give us some shopping recommendations?

What do I do if my cell phone breaks in Cappadocia?

We are considering a Jeep Safari. Which companies do you recommend?

What about Horseback riding? Which ranch should we go with?

What about night life in Cappadocia? Would you recommend the Turkish Night Show or the Whirling Dervish Show? Also, are there places to hear live music?

How much is a hot air balloon ride? How about the ATV? Do you have prices listed somewhere?

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