NOTE: If you have already seen the Turkish Night in Cappadocia, another evening entertainment option is the Whirling Dervish Show
Uranos Turkis Night Belly Dance

Generally I try and stay away from these types of shows as they come across to me as a “Tourist Trap.”

But having attended one and really, really, enjoying it, I highly recommend you take in a “Türk Gecesi” (Turkish Night) while you’re here.

There are five options to choose from, two in Avanos and three in Uçhisar.

The dinners and shows vary slightly from place to place but for the most part this is what you can expect.

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Uranos Turkis Night Artvin YöresiItinerary

8:00pm – arrival
8:15 – 8:30 Whilring Dervish dance (some places do not have this performance)
8:30-10:30 dinner and show including Romali music, Bitlis, Girls Folk, Black Sea, Spoon, Central Anatolian Bride and Groom, Zebek and the Belly dancer
Dinner: cold and hot appetizers, main dish (Lamb, Chicken, or Fish), fruit and dessert
Drinks: all you can drink wine, beer, raki, mixed drinks, soft drinks, and fruit juice

And with that said, here are the five options:

Evranos – Avanos

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Evranos room
Orta Mahalle No. 88 Taşköprü Karşısı Avanos
Uranos Turkis Night Antep yöresi düğün0384-511-3750

(Only at Evranos, and very cool!, the Egyptian Light Dance)

Price: (Normally 70TL at the door) 45TL special for our Captivating Cappadocia readers good from September 2015 – September 2016.

Uranos – Avanos

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Uranos Entrance
Akbel mevkii Köprü Başı 50500/AVANOS, Turkey
Uranos Turkis Night Kafkas Yöresi0384-511-5655
Price: Check with your hotel or travel agent

Uranos is also open for set menu lunch

Price: check with your hotel or travel agent

Yaşar Baba – Üçhisar

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Yasarbaba entrance
Haci Ibey Cd. West, Uchisar, Turkey
Uranos Turkis Night Kız Karadeniz yöresi0-384-219-28-70-71

(The FIRST to do Turkish Night in Cappadocia and longest running…36 YEARS! Dancers come in on horseback and Belly Dancer descends from the ceiling!)

Price: Check with your hotel or travel agent

Harmandalı – Uçhisar

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Harmandali room
Kavak köyü yolu, 50210, Uçhisar
Uranos Turkis Night Kırklareli Mendil(0384) 219 2364

(Only at Harmandalı – Bektaşi Sema an Alevi worship dance and Egyptian Sema a mystical dance similar to Whirling Dervish)

Price: Check with you hotel or travel agent

Yemeni – Uçhisar

Turkish Night in Cappadocia Yemeni room
Uranos Turkis Night bandAdnan Menderes Cad. Üçhisar

Price: Check with your hotel or travel agent
+90 384 219 2374 – Necdet Alp – Gsm: +90 532 613 9231 +90 384 219 2374 – Necdet Alp – Gsm: +90 532 613 9231

We made a short video highlighting the different dances at the Turkish Night Show at Uranos (it is a bit shaky but gives a good snippet of what to expect):

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Christian Dedrick is an English teacher living in Avanos. He has lived in Turkey since 2008 with his wife and three sons. He moved to Cappadocia in 2011 and is excited to be sharing stories from his life here. He enjoys spending time with Cappadocians, hearing, and telling their stories.
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