Tour cappadociaDue to its vast geographical spread and the number of things to see, most visitors want to tour Cappadocia rather than just sit in one place.

If you fall into this category, then keep reading to learn about your many different options.


You have to answer 2 questions before passing go and seeing the sites:
1. What is your budget, i.e. how much money are you willing to part with?
2. How much time do you have?
Do you have the answers in mind?

Great! Now you are ready to read on and plan your time.


The first and easiest option is a packaged Cappadocia tour. These are set group tours that last from around 9:30am until 5:30pm. The price is reasonable, the day is full, you will be with around 15 people, lunch a guide, and transportation are included. You can sign up through your hotel or any local travel agent. The three most popular are the Green, Red, and Blue tours. Click to see what they include (you will need to scroll down to question 8).
For most people this is the best recommendation. The balance between money spent and sites seen is optimized.


For some of you, however, time, money, and preferences will conspire to move you away from the packaged tours and towards the private tour. Money is not an issue, none of the tours have the combination of sites you want to see, and you do not have time to do multiple tours. For you this is the best option. You can arrange a car and driver through your hotel or local travel agent (guide is optional). Tell them what you want to see and that is what you will see, no more, no less. You will not have to spend time shopping if you do not want to (each packaged tour includes time shopping). You will not have to listen to questions from strangers in the group since you will be alone. Start when you like and finish when you like. Have it your way!


And then there is the group that shops at Home Depot. You do not want somebody else telling you what to do or determining hat is important to you. No. Rent a car, grab a map, pick your faces, and head out. Getting lost will be part of the adventure. Maybe you will go to the first place, fall in love, and stay all day. No guilt that you made the driver sit there waiting for you. If this is you, go for it. Tour Cappadocia your way.


With that said we probably should say a word about seasons. Winter is generally cold and often wet although snow is unpredictable. You can expect it to be dark by 5pm. This means hiking is more of a slog, often clouds obscure beautiful views, and you have to move quickly to see everything before the sun sets. In spring and fall do not be surprised by some rain and strong winds. Summer is hot and dry so plan on packing water. Our Cappadocia weather posts will help you to make a wise plan.


You definitely need to include an underground city, the Göreme Open Air Museum, and a valley hike when you tour Cappadocia. But rather than give a long list here, I will just point you to a couple of our posts that give a good list of options.
Top 10 Things to Do in Cappadocia
Top 10 Things to See in Cappadocia

Once you have done it, be sure to return and let us know what you decided and how it went.

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