Note: This is a work in progress. I debated whether I should wait until I had everything set or just go with it and let y’all help me. I chose plan B. I will depend on your help and keep adding to the list as I get information myself. Read on to see how you can help with this quest for spicy information…

When you think of the Ottoman Empire what comes to mind?

For many the picture of luxury and comfort, of opulent dining rooms with exotic delicacies, of steaming dishes and aromatic spices is high on the list. Add to this Turkey’s strategic location on the Silk Road and you will understand why the spice bazaars are worthy of a visit.
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Depending on your country of origin this post will be more or less tantalizing. Consider this a basic education in the spices available at the Cappadocia open markets (I assume this is similar throughout Turkey). Below you will see 60+ spices (baharatlar in Turkish) available at the local markets with both their English and Turkish name and the price for 100 grams (trying to fix the exceptions). For some of them your guess is as good as mine as to how they are used, but I assume if they are selling them, that someone is buying.

{Alphabetical order by English. Example: Ground Hot Red Pepper under R.}
Allspice [Yeni Bahar] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0670
Aniseed [Anason] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0705
Arugula/Rocket Seeds [Roka Tohumu]
IMG 0701
Avacado Leaves [Avakado Yaprağı]
IMG 0709
Basil [Feslehen] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0708
Bay Leaves [Defne Yaprağı] – 4TL per 100 gram
IMG 0710
Ground Carob [KeçiBoynuzu] Tozu
IMG 0667
Celery Seeds [Kereviz Tohumu]
IMG 0702
Chaste Tree Seeds [Hayıt Tohumu]
IMG 0695
Cinnamon Sticks [Kabuk Tarçın] – 2TL per 100 gram
Kabuk tarcin
Ground Cinnamon [Toz Tarçın] – 2TL per 100 gram
IMG 0720
Ground Cloves [Toz Karanfil] – 10TL per 100 gram
IMG 0666
Whole Cloves [Karanfil]
IMG 0668
Coreander seed (Cilantro) [Kişniş Tohumu] – 2.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0687
Ground Coreander (Cilantro) [Kişniş Toz] – 2.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0681
Cress Seeds [Tere Tohumu]
IMG 0690
Cumin [Dane Kimyon] – 5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0699
Currants [Kuş Üzümü]
IMG 0675
Curry [Köri] – 2TL per 100 gram
IMG 0684
Dill Seeds [Dere Otu Tohumu]
IMG 0703
Fennel Seed [Rezene] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0685
Fenugreek Flour [Çemen Unu]
IMG 0665
Fenugreek Seeds [Çemen Tohumu]
IMG 0693
Flax Seed [Keten Tohumu]
IMG 0688
Ground Flax Seed [Keten Tohumu]
IMG 0664
Galangal Powder [Havlıcan Toz] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0663
Ground Ginger [Zencefil Toz] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0661
Ginger root [Zencefil] – 3TL per 100 gram
Ground Grape Seeds [Üzüm Çekirdeyi]
IMG 0676
Green Peppercorn [Yeşil Biber] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0672
Green Tea [Yeşil Çay] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0686
Juniper Berries [Ardıç Tohumu]
Juniper berries
Lavender [Lavanta]
IMG 0696
Marjoram [Reyhan] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0713
Mixed Spices [Karışık Baharat] – 2.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0660
Mustard Seed [Hardal Tohumu] – 4.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0694
Ground Mustard [Hardal Toz] – 4.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0669
Nettle Seeds [Isırgan Tohumu]
IMG 0689
Paprika [Tatlı Pul Biber]
IMG 0671
Dried Pomegranate Flowers [Nar Çiçeği]
IMG 0700
Poppy Seeds [Mavi Haşhaş] – 1.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0682
Olive Leaves [Zeytin Yaprağı]
IMG 0698
Parsley Seeds [Maydonoz Tohumu]
IMG 0704
Pine nuts [Çam Fıstığı]
IMG 0719
Ground Hot Red Pepper [Sıfır Tatlı] – 2.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0659
Red peppercorn [Kirmizi Biber] – 20TL per 100 gram
IMG 0673
Rosehip Berries [Kuş Burnu]
IMG 0680
Saffron [Safran]
IMG 0716
Sesame Seeds [Susam] – 1TL per 100 gram
IMG 0717
Spinach Seeds [Ispanak Tohumu]
IMG 0706
Thyme [Kekik] – 1.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0714
Tumeric [Zerdeçal] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0679
Turnip Seeds [Turp Tohumu]
IMG 0692
Ground Tumeric [Zerdeçal Toz] – 3TL per 100 gram
IMG 0683
White peppercorn [Beyaz Biber] – 4TL per 100 gram
IMG 0674
Root of Fennel plant family [Çaşır Kökü]
IMG 0678
Calluna Vulgaris – a flower plant [Funda Yaprağı]
IMG 0711
Frankincense [Günlük] – 4TL per 100 gram
IMG 0677
Green or White Clay used for facials [Kil] – 1TL per 100 gram
IMG 0707
Type of salt, potassium nitrate, used to stop bleeding and protect sensitive teeth [Şep] (se) – 1.5TL per 100 gram
IMG 0712
Now we enter the land of mystery. I invite you to be Watson to my Sherlock Holmes and help figure out what these are (in English). Please leave a comment for any that you know.

IMG 0662
Yalanı Ciceyi
IMG 0697

As I was doing some web research for this post, I came across the following web page that I found very helpful for information on spices in Turkey. Check it out here. Also, for more ideas about our local market click here.

Which is your spice of choice?