Enterprise rent a car urgup cappadocia frontIf you are looking for a rental car for your trip to Cappadocia, look no further than Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Ürgüp.

There are many rental car places in Cappadocia, but I was surprised to find an internationally known name in Ürgüp. “I have been doing this for thirteen years,” said Hüseyin İvgen, manager of Enterprise. They originally opened as Budget Rent-a-Car but after a rock from the Temenni Hill above them crashed into the business section of Ürgüp in 2007, they had to close down.

“My father started the business, now myself and two partners manage our fleet of 25 cars.” I thought that was impressive for a local company in a town of 20,000, but Hüseyin let me know that wasn’t the case. “Normally we would have 35 cars. It would be common to have 10 customers a day during peak season. Now, it’s hard to rent 10 cars a week.” The tourism crisis has effected even brand names like Enterprise.

Generally, Hüseyin rents economy and standard cars, but there are some exceptions. “A car came here from Ankara, and it had to get back, so I gave a Mercedes C series as a standard car.” Mostly you will find Economy – Renault Clio, Fiat Linea, or Standard/Comfort – Ford Focus, Hyundai Blue, Renault Fluence cars for rent at Enterprise. Hüseyin even has a new model Peugeot SUV as well as Mercedes Vito minivans.

Enterprise rent a car urgup cappadocia deskCurrently their office is located in Ürgüp. But that’s no problem. They deliver cars to you! They will also have a kiosk at the Nevşehir Airport, when it reopens in October, for your convenience.

Wherever you are in Cappadocia, Hüseyin would be glad to serve you. He is especially fond of foreigners. “European and American tourists are much different than our Turkish tourists,” explained Hüseyin. “Foreigners show up on time, fill their tanks full, and make their reservations in advance. It’s hard to work with local tourists because they don’t have the same attitudes.” He told me how hard it is when he gives the tank full and a local returns it empty, or when he gives a nicer car at a lesser price and the local customer isn’t happy. “Foreigners make their booking, use the car, and return it on time, and say thank you with a smile. It’s really hard to please our local tourists,” he contrasted.

The Rent-a-Car business has gotten much harder in Cappadocia according to Hüseyin. “Since 2015 new car prices have increased 20%,” he lamented. “Costs are going up but business is going down.” Thankfully, he is doing well, currently, due to the influx of expat Turkish visitors. Many of the 6,000,000 Turks living in Europe take their vacations and return to their homelands, like Cappadocia. So for the time being Hüseyin is content despite the dramatic drop in tourism this year.

Enterprise rent a car urgup cappadocia card
Hüseyin’s father is retired and spends most of his time on the family farm. Hüseyin spoke of the potential career change that may come if tourism doesn’t bounce back. “My father cares for the animals as a hobby, but if business continues like this, we may have to become ranchers. At least we will be able to feed our family and pay our bills.” I could see the pain in his eyes as he thought about giving up this job he clearly loves. “For many people in Ürgüp, tourism is their only source of income. But thankfully we have an alternative.”

Hüseyin would like to invite you to explore Cappadocia. “You need to come visit Cappadocia, it’s a one and only place, in the world. And if you want to travel Cappadocia by car, we’d be pleased if you chose us.”

He has graciously offered our readers a 10% discount when you mention the website with your booking.

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