Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli games pool
I guess I’m like most people.

I like to relax in a jacuzzi every once in a while.

But Turkish people are different.


For them the healing waters of natural hot springs are a thing to take advantage of often. And Turkey doesn’t disappoint with over 30 states, and more than 100 towns/counties offering thermal spas and wellness centers.

Many of these cities base their economy on “health tourism.” And it is not just Turkish tourists anymore. These resorts are marketing to the foreign tourist too, with websites in English, German, French, Russian, and Arabic.

The health benefits of the natural hot springs include: relief for joint pain like rheumatism, improved circulation, enhanced sleep, helps skin problems, and reduces stress. Many minerals are found in these natural springs which add to the healing properties of these waters.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli outside


Just an hour from the heart of Cappadocia (Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme), you can find one such region… Kozakli. Kozakli has seven 3-star and above hotels to choose from. If you want to make your stay a little longer (and some doctors recommend two week regimens!), there are also a number of “apart” facilities where you can stay for several weeks or more. And if you are really on a budget you can use the government run pool for just $3/day (but beware, you get what you pay for here, and it’s almost painfully hot!) You will quickly see that Kozakli is one of those places that depends on tourism for their livelihood. It is almost comical how many hotels are in this town of 7,000 people.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli lobby

The Grand Termal Hotel was a nice hotel at a good price. They charged us $24 per person per night in October 2017 but the price will vary by season. Considering that included the sauna, hamam, three thermal pools fed by the natural hot springs, a cool pool with two water slides, and three meals, we were quite satisfied. When we wanted to leave the hotel for a change of scenery, we walked to the tea garden next to the building or across the street to the park.


We were a large group and felt very comfortable at the Grand Termal. There were three large lobby areas where people gathered to talk, play card games, or watch tv. Some older women even brought their knitting…so, there you go.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli ground floor view

There was also an air hockey table, a foosball table, and table tennis for the kids. We even watched a movie one night in the cinema room.

The rooms were clean, spacious and comfortable. The food was good, with a decent variety for the price. But the building itself could use a facelift. If you are thinking this is the Hilton, then think again.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli room

We would recommend this hotel for backpackers and budget travelers to enjoy the healing natural hot springs of Kozakli. Or if you are beat up from your horseback riding, hiking, biking, and ATV’ing, and want to revive, then this is definitely a good place to unwind and get some healing.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli games dining room

***We were not allowed to take pictures in the pool area so please see the website for pictures. The photos above of the pool and the dining room are from the website.
Natural hot springs grand termal kozakli games


Grand Termal Hotel
Emek Mah., Kaplıca Cad. No:136, 50600 Kozaklı/Nevşehir
(0352) 203 01 26

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