I did not start this blog in order to make my fortune, but I am not opposed to making money as a result of the (hopefully) captivating content featured herein.

Disclosure policy

Photo courtesy of photos.com –¬†Andrea Haase

You will notice that the site contains advertisements and many of the links are affiliate links. This means that if you click the link and purchase the product, I will receive a check (the amount will vary).

Honestly, I am suspicious when I see affiliate links and ads on sites. I think, “Of course you are telling us how great it is, you hope to get paid.” I can not speak for those bloggers (I assume most of them are sincere), but I can say for me that I will not give an affiliate link for anything I do not use and/or think will benefit my readers. I retain the right to provide select advertising and sponsorship across this blog property for the right partners and businesses.

Examples that may occur are links for Amazon books I review and stock photos I use. I am happy to share any of the photos I have taken myself for free. Just ask, and I will send you a copy or you can find most of them on the CaptivatingCappadocia page at flikr.com

I try to be transparent because we are in a relationship, in a community. This is how I would like to be treated so I treat you similarly. At the same time this page is an attempt to fulfill the requirements of the FTC as mentioned here.

I will not necessarily note the use of an affiliate link every time, although I will try to at least include a paragraph at the end of the post indicating that it contains such links.