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I only recently heard about Snapchat. I am not their target audience.

I also recently heard that young people are not using Facebook anymore because it has too many old users.

So, I decided to start using Snapchat (@captcappadocia) and to invite all of my “old” friends to use it to ruin it as well.

Just kidding, sort of. I have to admit that Snapchat is not user friendly. It took me a while to figure it out, but I’m glad I did. I don’t know if it will last, but it has a few great features…


Snapchat story
1. Texting is so two hours ago. Snapping is the future! (said with Wizard of Oz voice)
I have a daughter at university in America that I miss terribly and only see every few months. We video Skype for a couple of hours each week and until recently we used WhatsApp to text. Now I use Snapchat to send video “snaps” using their filters which are so much more fun than plain texting.

2. Snapchat channels are a great way to get news from your favorite outlets (at least those that use it).
I subscribe to CNN, Mashable, Bleacher Report and check out a few others depending on the day. The short multiple snap “stories” with links to the full reports/articles are a great way to scan the news.

3. MOST IMPORTANT! 3-5 times per week I add a Snapchat Story showing life in Cappadocia. Must See!
I’ll show balloons in the morning, hikes we take, different views and places, and give a bit of daily life like the lighting of our coal furnace. If you are interested in Cappadocia or coming to visit, these “stories” are a great way to catch highlights of the area and whet your appetite. The only catch is that they only last for 24 hours. If you don’t see them on the day they are made, you won’t see them, they are gone to be stored on Snapchat’s servers unavailable to the public.

So, follow me at @captcappadocia.


Instagram needs no explanation since I expect that most of you are using it. I have started posting Cappadocia photos on it as well. Please follow me at dukedillard. My account is my name, but, for now, I mainly post photos of Cappadocia, lots of balloons. To show my age I need to admit my confusion. When I look at my account it says my name but it also says Captivating Cappadocia so searching either of those should bring up my account.


And lastly you can find links and the bulk of what we do at the CaptivatingCappadocia Facebook Page. If you haven’t liked it yet, please do so.

Have fun being social…

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Duke Dillard moved to Turkey with his wife and 6 children in 2007. He got an MBA at Bilkent University in Ankara, where they had their 7th child. After 4 years in Ankara the whole family moved to Cappadocia, and this blog was born. We love Cappadocia and Cappadocians and want to help visitors make the most of their time here. You can connect with Duke on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and/or link circles on Google+. Click here to read more about Duke and his family.