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Today we are going to learn how Çavuşin became the name of a village in Cappadocia.
Cavusin cave

Was this the cave that served as home for the first Çavuşinli?

Many, many years ago before the Turkish Republic, before the Ottoman empire, before the Seljuks, when the Byzantines (Romans) lived here, some soldiers were stationed in Göreme (probably called Avcılar or Hunters at that time).

One day the sergeant (Turkish: Çavuş) became fed up with his men and got into a real donnybrook. After many unsuccessful attempts at peacemaking, he was finished and left town.

He walked a few kilometers and found some caves on a hill. He went to sleep in a cave and stayed a few days.

The people of Avcılar started asking, “Where is the Çavuş?”

The answer was, “Çavuş inde.”

Quick Turkish lesson: “in” means a number of different things but in this context it is translated cave. The “de” ending means “at” or “in” (a bit confusing since “in” is a word in both languages). So they were saying that the sergeant was in the cave. This shortened to Çavuşin and stuck so that today this little village is called Çavuşin and most people have no idea that it all began because people could not get along.

Does the name of your town have a back story?

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