Perhaps you have a general interest in Turkey and are looking for blogs to check out. One option is to go to Twitter and enter a search term like “Cappadocia”. You will get tens of Tweets each day with links to blog posts from people who are currently visiting Cappadocia. The same can be done for Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and so on. 


Photo courtesy of – hamri mohammed samir

However, after a few days these blogs will move on to other topics that have nothing to do with Turkey. Thus, if you have a deeper interest in Turkey, you will not want to subscribe to these blogs. Plus, they are all pretty similar and require a little bit of work to find. Don’t get me wrong, I think these blog posts have value, but here I want to point you to  dedicated Turkey blogs. For now I am going to focus on English language blogs. Below are the blogs I follow (in random order) and can recommend. All of them are written by foreigners living in different parts of Turkey. From these you can do some searching and most likely (see their blogrolls) find every dedicated Turkey blog available. 

The format for this post is as follows: I give the title (click on it to open the blog in a new tab) followed by a little description and my impression of the blog. Lastly I include a quote from the About page if the blog has one.

1. Turkish Travel Blog

This is a very professional looking blog that lives up to its name. Natalie travels all over and writes about it. Her posts include great photos as well.
She posts around 2 times per week give or take.

The About page is long so I copied a few paragraphs here: “Nine years ago, I left the UK to live a life abroad. I didn’t know where I was going to settle down but my travels bought me to Turkey where I am now permanently based.
I instantly fell in the love with this country, its history, its culture and people. My aim in life is to explore the whole of Turkey and document my travels on this blog.
This is going to take me years to accomplish as Turkey is a big country with a population of over 70 million people. So many places to go and so many people to meet.
I hope that over the years, you will enjoy my tales and continue to be an avid reader of my blog. I  love to hear from people who have visited Turkey and their lasting impressions of the country, so feel free to contact me or comment on any of my blog posts.”

2. Turkey’s For Life
This is a very focused blog- on Fethiye, a city in the southwest of Turkey. The couple who write the blog include books and a hotel reservation service as well as recipes and other vignettes into their life in Turkey. They seem to post at least 4-5 times per week.

Again, the About page is long so I just took out a blurb on the blog. “Our blog, Turkey’s For Life, tries to focus on all of the many positive and great things about Fethiye and other parts of Turkey. The area around Fethiye itself could take years to explore – and then there are all of the other fantastic places in Turkey like Istanbul, Cappodocia, the Black Sea – really too many to mention. We haven’t even touched the surface ofTurkey yet!

You’ll find lots of recommendation for places to see in Fethiye, places to eat and drink and things to do around this area and other parts of Turkey on our blog. All of this is very subjective – everything you see on Turkey’s For Life is just an indication of the way we like to spend our days – so there’s no guarantee that what we like is going to be liked by everyone. We’ve heard very few people complain about the places we mention though!”

3. The Turkish Life  

Jennifer Hattam writes about her life in Turkey including her travels and random experiences living in Istanbul.
She posts about one time per week.

Benim hakkimda [Translation: About me]: “San Francisco girl living in Istanbul.”

4. Archers of Okçular

Alan and J have lived in the village of Okçular for over 15 years and write about their life. They have done some great things to help the region through their Book Project. I highly encourage you to check it out and buy a copy.

From the About page: “This blog will traverse time and bend reality, just like the Tardis, from present day happenings to past adventures where memories have dimmed somewhat and frequent re-telling of tales has led to exaggerated new realities. But then, what the hell – a good yarn is a good yarn! Our life in Turkey has been full of interest and J and I don’t have a single regret about coming to live here – even when in the depths of some bureaucratic black hole (as we occasionally are) we have conjured up memories that have lifted our spirits; good, positive reasons why we love it here. Every morning we look out of our bedroom window and say to each other ‘Oh no! Not another beautiful day in Turkey!’”

5. Turkish Life Cafe

Mackenzie writes about her life in Turkey as well as current events around the country. She seems to cover all the key events and holidays.
I am not sure how often she posts.

From the About page: “Recently Married in 2009 I moved from my home in Scotland to my new home in Turkey where I live with my Husband.  Since moving to Turkey I have become a full time housewife where I am starting to learn the art of being a housewife and learning the ways of Turkish life and the language…

… my blog [is] to pass on the information and things I learn throughout my day and tell you about the tips and advice in hope that they may help you.”

6. The Best of Bursa

Dennis lives in Bursa with his family and gives great information for anyone wanting to make the most of time in that beautiful city.

From the About page: “My family and I came to Bursa a couple years ago in search of opportunities to meet great people, see neat places, and experience new things in this historic and hospitable city.  We have certainly not been disappointed…The Best of Bursa is first and foremost a blog of personal experiences.  As such, it likely won’t replace your favorite travel guide.  My goal is just to pique your interest in such a way that the next time you’re traveling through this part of the world, you’ll make it a point to visit this city and share in some of the same experiences that make us happy to be here.”

7. Adventures in Ankara

Terry, a lawyer from Philadelphia, writes about her life in Ankara. If you are interested in Turkey’s capital or are moving to Ankara, this is definitely a blog to check out.

From the About page: “I am a Philly Girl at heart, by way of West Chester, PA. My dream is to see the world by living in it. I want to bring the world closer by sharing my experiences of life, love, religion, food, music, and everything that makes us one… Recently, I married my Turkish beau. I quit my day job as a lawyer and moved to Ankara, Turkey! I am currently unemployed and don’t speak the language.”

8. EasymovetoTurkey’s Blog

If you are moving to Turkey, this is a good site to check out. They are focused on real estate (connected to a company but no obligation comes with their advice) but give helpful advice on all aspects of living here.

From the About page: “This blog works together with a well known Turkey Property Company to write about issues facing people moving to Turkey. This blog will provide detailed information to make sure moving to Turkey becomes as easy as possible.”

9. Adventure Ordu

Justin moved to Ordu with his family and spends much of his time exploring the region on his motorcycle. If you are into motorcycles and/or the Black Sea region, specifically Ordu, then this is a good site to check out.

From the About page: “My name is Justin Leonard.  In 2007, my wife, 3 young children, and I sold everything we owned and movedhalfway around the world to start a new life and adventure in Turkey…Adventure Ordu is committed to highlighting the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Black Sea Region of Turkey.  There are numerous places to explore and countless people to meet, and what better way to experience Ordu than by motorbike…In January, 2015 I purchased a bigger motorcycle, a 2005 Honda NX4 Falcon.  After struggling to explore on the back roads of Ordu and climb steep terrain, I deicide that it was time to upgrade. Besides if I am going to write about adventure motorcycling it only makes sense to own an adventure motorcycle.”