Best cup of tea in Cappadocia challenge

Who gets your vote for the best cup of Turkish tea in Cappadocia?

I need your help.

Having lived in Cappadocia since 2011, I have sipped countless cups of Turkish tea in those wonderfully tulip-shaped tea glasses. Lately my wife and I have been doing weekly Turkish breakfast dates at Mado in Avanos down by the river. As I was downing another glass of Turkish tea (we ask for the hot-pitcher so we can refill as much as we like) I was inspired to do a post on the best cup of Turkish tea in Cappadocia.


Now, as soon as I say that I realize that definitions may vary. On the one hand some may claim that the people with whom I’m sharing the cup of tea make all the difference. I can’t argue with that. I would say that even the worst cup of tea with my wife is better than a great cup of tea with someone I don’t like.

However, for the purposes of this post, I am specifically referring to the quality of the tea. Think of a judges’ panel in which a bunch of cups of tea are set on a table and blind taste-tested. The winner is strictly based on the flavor of the tea (and whatever other factors play into tea contests – aroma, color,…). Thus, I would take my wife to enjoy that cup of tea that is chosen as best and experience the best of both worlds!
And one more caveat… the tea must be tasted without sweetener or anything else added, just straight tea as it is served.


With that out of the way, I can say that I am not sure who serves the best cup of tea in Cappadocia, but I’ve narrowed it down to two places.

I truly enjoy Mado’s tea and can down a whole pitcher without adding sugar or anything else (although truth be told I’m a Turkish tea heretic enjoying it with a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon). The Mado down by the river in Avanos is my favorite place to hang out which is why, as mentioned above, I go there weekly with my wife.
Best cup of Turkish tea in Cappadocia challenge

I asked some friends, and one said Mado. Another said that Neşve serves a great cup of tea (the photo at the top is a Neşve cup of Turkish tea). I had to check it out so visited and enjoyed an excellent cup of Turkish tea. In fact, I had two cups. I couldn’t resist. Neşve has three locations that I know of- Göreme, Ürgüp, and Nevşehir. The Göreme cafe is across from the big mosque.
Best cup of tea in Cappadocia challenge nesve goreme
You can’t go wrong with either of these. I can’t choose between them, but if I had to I may choose Mado just because I love sitting by the river so much. But if I was in Göreme and had a choice, I wouldn’t drink tea anywhere else.


So, what about you? As many cups of tea as I have had, there are still a ton of places I have not visited. I assume there are places serving wonderful tea that I have visited. At the same time, I doubt any of my readers have tried every cup of Turkish tea in Cappadocia, but surely you have consumed your fair share when you visited. Or perhaps you live here and have your favorite. Please don’t hold out on us.
Which gets your vote?
Let us all know in the comments so we can go check it out.

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