If you are into pastries you no doubt have heard of the French croissant, Greek spanakopita, and Russian piroshky.

Aytemur pastanesi turkish bakery  avanos cakesBut have you heard of or better yet tasted simit, poaça, and açma from a Turkish bakery?

I didn’t think so!

Turkish pastries are slowly making their way into the world’s vocabulary (and tastebuds!).

Simit Sarayı, for example, is serving a million customers a day in 25 countries. From Dubai to New York, and Rotterdam to Baku, the world is tasting the sweet and savory offerings of Turkish baked goods.

Aytemur Pastanesi, a Turkish bakery, is serving the 2 million world tourist, who visit Cappadocia annually, right here in Avanos.

Serkan Polat has been a friend since I stopped into his bakery six years ago. He had just moved into a new location when we arrived in Avanos. Now he is in a much bigger space in the center of town; a tribute to his success in making delicious, high quality, well-priced pastries.


Aytemur pastanesi turkish bakery  avanos front“Our first four years were tough” Serkan recounted on how he opened Aytemur. “Sometimes it was month to month and we didn’t know if we would make it or close. After we moved to our new location people stopped coming and we wondered if we’d made a mistake.” I assumed he would be more successful reopening in a bigger, newer, facility. But here in Avanos, people were used to going to his old store and when they found it was closed they didn’t bother to ask where he went!

Now he has been in business for 10 years and has grown his Turkish bakery. “We supply a bakery in Gülşehir and Göreme and also one of the stores here in town.” He doesn’t advertise or try to sell his products. But people come to him asking them to bake for their cafes. “Service with a smile, is how I kept my customers. My shop is clean, the food is good, its reasonably priced, but its the polite service that brings people.” I thought it was “location, location, location” that made for success. Here, it is “relationship, relationship, relationship” which has made Serkan and Aytemur what it is today.


The bakery has grown its menu as it has become more successful. They started with just the Turkish breakfast specialties like simit and poaça. Serkan recommends the açma – bagel shaped but consistency of a croissant – and the dill poaça. Now, they serve sandwiches, sigara börek, and su börek, in addition to sweet treats like the tahinli poaça, which looks like a cinnamon roll but tastes like peanut butter bread…YUM!

Aytemur pastanesi turkish bakery  avanos treatsSerkan’s brother, Mustafa, the baker of these fine goods, has helped Serkan achieve success. “Mustafa worked in a bakery in Ürgüp, but because there is already a big name pastry shop there, we decided to open in Avanos.” Mustafa not only makes the pastries but is also responsible for the baklava (walnut and pistachio), the cookies, eclairs and the cakes. To my surprise, while I was there doing the interview, a customer walked in and took away a cake with his picture on it! Mustafa is the man!

I love coming to Aytemur for the hot fresh-out-of-the-oven pastries in the morning. I also love sitting with Serkan and hearing his stories over tea in the afternoon.
I think you will enjoy the Aytemur bakery as well.
Ataturk Caddesi No 16
Avanos Cami Kebir Ortamahalle
TEL: 0384 511 4260

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Christian Dedrick is an English teacher living in Avanos. He has lived in Turkey since 2008 with his wife and three sons. He moved to Cappadocia in 2011 and is excited to be sharing stories from his life here. He enjoys spending time with Cappadocians, hearing, and telling their stories.
He began writing for CaptivatingCappadocia in spring 2012.
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