With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would take the opportunity to give some gift ideas. In Cappadocia you will find hundreds of shops with all kinds of stuff. However, this post is for the visitor who needs to buy a few cheap gifts for people back home. Maybe you need to get something for each of your workmates or for your nieces and nephews or for your neighbors or ?

You do not want to blow your budget, but you would like something unique. This is the list for you.

1. Pottery – You can find a host of handmade ceramic items from bowls to mugs to statuettes, hot pads, and magnets for around $5 to $10.
2. Cappadocia Sculpture – This is the white elephant gift you have been searching for all your life. The problem is fitting it in your bag. I find that our kids love these, but, in my opinion, these rule the world of tacky.
3. Whirling Dervish – These provide minutes of fun. If you attended a Dervish night while in Turkey, one of these is worth purchasing as a memento. Put it on the coffee table in your living room, and you will be able to talk about Turkey with everyone who visits you and asks about it.
4. Hanging Decorative Ceramic Balls – I have no idea what these are for besides decoration or why they were first made, but they must be popular as they are sold everywhere. This is the gift for the person who has everything, I guess.
5. Dagger – These are cool and make great gifts for teenage boys. Just make sure the person you are buying for is not going to use it for nefarious ends.
6. Onyx – The onyx stones come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and prices. How about a pair of onyx dice instead of the fuzzy kind?
7. Magnet – Every shape and theme imaginable. If you took a hot-air balloon ride, this may be a good trinket to bring home.
8. Money Purse – These make wonderful gifts and are easy to pack. I use them for business cards and coins. My kids use them for various storage purposes of their little treasures. They are less than $1 each.
9. Bookmark – Another perfect gift for the traveler with no luggage room. The Turkish designs are unmistakable.
10. Pepper Grinder – These distinctly Ottoman looking items are fun to use and make classy gifts. Whose table would not be improved with a nice pepper grinder.
11. Fairy Doll – After visiting Fairy Chimneys you will have a story to tell your niece when you give her one of these dolls. They are made more for display than as a toy, but most little girls will enjoy them.
12. Picture – This is sort of cheating, but since everyone comes to Cappadocia with digital cameras these days, you should be able to take at least one nice picture of your time. Print it, get a frame at Target, and give it to a loved one.


Frame photo courtesy of Photos.com –┬áComstock

13. Turkey playing cards – For just a couple of dollars you can get playing cards with pictures of Turkey. These are not just Cappadocia but they do include this region in their portfolio.
And because I am writing this two days before Christmas, and I am in a giving mood, I will not even charge you for one more bonus idea.
Keychain – Lastly, if you forgot and cannot think of anything at the last minute, you should have no trouble finding a keychain with a Cappadocian theme. This way your friend will think of your trip every time they get in their car or open their front door.
There you have it, something for everyone. And if your friend, family member, colleague or teacher does not like it, let me know, and I will give you a full refund for this blog post.

Which item would you like to receive?