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Damat ibrahimpasa hamam turkish bath afterpicture

Break me.

Into pieces.

Then, do it again.

If Rambo had chosen a Turkish Bath, he would have no doubt chosen the Damat İbrahim Paşa Hamam, where the masseurs are trained in “old school” techniques. This place is not for the faint of heart, nor for those with bad backs, nor for those with weak knees, nor for those with…I think you get the picture.

I moved to Turkey in 2002 and even though I have been to numerous Turkish Baths around the country, I have yet to find one that was congruent with what was in my mind’s eye when it came to hamams. I always pictured a guy who enters the bathhouse with a little skimpy towel, with one purpose in life: to break whoever was lying on the marble slab. Well, I finally found such a hamam!

Constructed in 1727 by decree from the Grand Vizier, Damat İbrahim Paşa, the hamam in Nevşehir opened its doors, but only for a few short months. Apparently the budget was quite limited and when the Sultan’s son-in-law got word of how pathetic the first one was, he ordered the first to be demolished and the current Turkish Bath was erected, satisfying the desires of the inhabitants of Nevşehir village.

Damat ibrahimpasa hamam turkish bath entryway

This feeling of pride has carried over into our present day. Recep Yılmaz, operator of the Damat İbrahim Paşa Turkish Bath for the past 17 years, revels in the fact that they still practice the “old school” techniques at his hamam. While gently rubbing the tellak’s (masseur) arm Mr Yılmaz breaks into a big grin, explaining that this is what the area “tourist” hamams do. “That isn’t going to get the dirt out of your skin. You’ve got to really scrub it. You’ve got to really work those muscles over.”

And then, for the next 20 minutes my friend and fellow contributor to this blog, Christian Dedrick, bless his soul, underwent something that neither of us expected. You must watch this video demonstrating how Turkish Baths, according to Recep Bey, were done back in the day!

Obviously, this Turkish Bath experience isn’t for everyone. If you have any previous injuries to joints, etc. I do not recommend this hamam. But, if you are more of a “Took” than a “Baggins”, then this would be the place to go.
DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any injuries one would sustain if they frequented this hamam.

Here’s the stunner: after finishing the massage, the tellak, Fikret Közgeçen, looked up and with a smirk said, “You only got half of what we usually do. Come back and I’ll show you the other half!”

Damat ibrahimpasa hamam turkish bath outsideshot

The Damat İbrahim Paşa Hamamı is open 7 days a week.
Hours of operation being 06:00-22:00.
Every Saturday, from 10:00-16:00 there is a lady’s only time with women masseurs. Prices: 25 TL (entrance, scrub and bubble massage) and 15 TL for entrance only.

Camikebir Cd. No:43, Nevşehir

Telephone: 0384.213.2658

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