To get a general picture of Cappadocia weather throughout the year, click here.

We tracked the weather each day and have listed it below. Past weather is no guarantee for the present, but it will at least give you a picture of what it was like and maybe help you to better plan your trip if you are thinking of visiting Cappadocia in January.
Pasabag Cappadocia  weather January

This photo captures Cappadocia weather for January 2013 (but definitely not 2014!) – gray skies, melting snow, not too cold.


All temperatures are in Fahrenheit unless otherwise stated. I do not give night temperatures as they generally have little impact on plans. You can expect a 15-20 degree difference between night and day temps in Cappadocia.

January 1 Cloudy, thick fog most of the day, high in the low 40s
January 2 Nice day, partly cloudy, high 45
January 3 Nice day, partly cloudy, high 46
January 4 Nice day, partly cloudy, high 46
January 5 Beautiful day, high 43
January 6 Thick fog all day, temperature stayed in the 30s (Note: the weather report said it was sunny and in the mid 40s- not even close to accurate)
January 7 Thick fog all day, temperature stayed in the 30s (Note: the weather report said it was sunny and in the mid 40s- not even close to accurate)
January 8 Thick fog all day, very depressing, low 30s
January 9 Thick fog all day, very depressing, low 30s
January 10 Foggy, the high temperature didn’t make it above the mid 30s
January 11 Strange day. Foggy most of the day but it broke after lunch for a couple of hours and was sunny. Up in Uchisar it was beautiful all day but down in Goreme/Avanos the high barely reached the high 30s during the sunny break.
January 12 Foggy part of day (morning & evening) but cleared off and was sunny most of the day, low 40s
January 13 Partly cloudy but mostly sunny, nice day, high in the mid 40s
January 14 Partly cloudy, nice day, high 41 (so nice to have no fog)
January 15 Beautiful sunny blue sky day, high 52
January 16 Nice in the morning then clouds rolled in and it was gray most of the day, high 48
January 17 Mostly cloudy, high 52
January 18 Sunny day, high 48
January 19 Beautiful day, high 57
January 20 Partly cloudy (sometimes clear, sometimes gray) but mostly nice day, high 63
January 21 Beautiful day, partly cloudy, high 57
January 22 Mostly cloudy, windy, very light rain in the evening, high 57
January 23 Partly cloudy but generally a nice day, high 48
January 24 Partly cloudy but generally a nice day, high 50
January 25 Cloudy gray day, rain sprinkles most of the day, high 50
January 26 Cloudy gray day, evening rain, high 52
January 27 Partly cloudy early becoming mostly cloudy after lunch, high 48
January 28 Partly cloudy but nice morning, gray overcast in the afternoon, high 52
January 29 Partly cloudy but nice morning, then gray, overcast, & rainy in the afternoon, high 54
January 30 Partly cloudy, mostly sunny, cool breeze, definitely felt colder today (but not cold), high 45
January 31 Beautiful cool day, high 46


January 1: Beautiful day, a few clouds, 40s
January 2: Morning fog, beautiful afternoon, 40’s
January 3: Foggy all day, 30’s, felt really cold for the first time with frost on the trees, snowed a bit in Avanos, but up in Uçhisar it was sunny and 47 looking down on clouds/fog below
January 4: Morning fog, partly cloudy afternoon, 30’s-40’s
January 5: Snowed overnight, flurries during day, cloudy, 30’s
January 6: Cloudy, cleared a bit in the afternoon, high 30’s-low 40’s
January 7: Snowed all day, 20’s, NO BALLOONS
January 8: Snowed all day, 20’s
January 9: Partly cloudy, 20’s, snow on ground
January 10: Snow flurries, partly cloudy, mostly blue skies, teens
January 11: Partly cloudy, teens
January 12: Cloudy, 30’s, snow started melting a bit, enough snow for our kids to go sledding
January 13: Cloudy, drizzly rain, 30’s
January 14: Partly cloudy, mostly blue skies/sunny, 30’s (did not feel as cold today)
January 15: Beautiful day, sunny, high 30’s/low 40’s
January 16: Beautiful day, sunny, high 30’s/low 40’s
January 17: Partly cloudy 40’s
January 18: Partly cloudy, 40’s
January 19: Partly cloudy, 40’s, a bit windy so NO BALLOONS
January 20: Sunny blue skies,40’s, snow on the ground (maybe 1/2 inch) from overnight (did not snow during day), icy but roads clear for driving
January 21: Sunny blue skies, 50’s
January 22: Partly cloudy, 40’s, breezy- NO BALLOONS
January 23: Partly cloudy, low 50’s
January 24: Partly cloudy, low 50’s
January 25: Partly cloudy, low 50’s, some rain, windy, NO BALLOONS
January 26: Partly cloudy, low 50’s, afternoon windy
January 27: Cloudy, 40’s, a little rain in the afternoon
January 28: Cloudy, 40’s
January 29: Cloudy, rainy morning, then cleared off after lunch and was partly cloudy with a good bit of blue sky, mid to high 30’s, NO BALLOONS
January 30: Partly cloudy, 30’s
January 31: Partly cloudy, 30’s, very light snow flurries
Total # of days in January 2013 when all hot air balloons rides were cancelled = 5

My biggest memory of Cappadocia weather in January 2012 was the 8-foot snowman we made on New Year’s Day. I think the snow stayed for the whole month. That was quite a contrast to this year’s very mild temperatures. It did snow once, and we had some rain but overall the temperatures were not too cold. This goes to show how much of a crapshoot you are making if you plan a Cappadocia vacation in January.

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