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Ziggys shepherds salad cappadocia restaurants
As with the other lists, these are Cappadocia restaurants that I go to and am eager to recommend. I have no commercial relationship with any of them, i.e. I get nothing for recommending these Cappadocia restaurants here.

Ziggy restaurant and cafe urgup cappadocia restaurants

* Ziggy Cafe & Restaurant (Ürgüp)
I agree with many of my friends who say this is the best restaurant in Cappadocia. The Ember Grilled Aubergines (eggplant for you Americans) are blow your head off good. The Shepherd’s Salad (pictured above) was both beautiful and delicious and the Beef Tortellini was dynamite. We enjoyed everything we tasted. If this was all, Ziggys would be at the top of the list, but when you add the cozy atmosphere with exquisite settings and unique decorations along with the eclectic gift shop, this is an experience worth having. If you order wine, expect to spend 40-50TL per person.
Contact Info:
Address: Yunak Mahallesi
Tevfik Fikret Cad. #24
Tel: 90-384-341-7107

Top Deck Restaurant Goreme Cappadocia
Photo taken from Topdeck Facebook Page.
* Topdeck Cave Restaurant (Göreme)
This is another wonderful option that is consistently rated #1 on TripAdvisor for good reason. They serve homemade gourmet Turkish cuisine and regularly change the menu. They only have 10 tables in a romantic cave setting so a reservation is required. This is one of those places you’ll be telling your friends about when you return home. Expect to spend 30-40TL per person.
Contact Info:
Tel: (0384) 271 2474
Location: A bit hard to find. Here are the google map coordinates: 38.641804, 34.827488

pumpkin restaurant goreme cappadocia
Photo taken from Pumpkin Facebook Page.

* Pumpkin Restaurant and Art Gallery (Göreme)
This restaurant is aptly named with decorative lighted pumpkins and gourds lining the walls and windows. The food is excellent as well and the owner is eager to serve. They serve a set menu that changes regularly, but is always exquisite. The place is small with only 6-8 tables so I recommend making a reservation.
Expect to spend 30-40TL per person.
Contact Info:
Tel: 0542 808 5050
Google map coordinates: 38.640673, 34.828856

Fat boys restaurant goreme cappadocia restaurants

* Fat Boys Bar & Cafe Restaurant (Göreme)
Going from the sublime to the deliciously ridiculous, we head to the center of Göreme directly behind the bus station for Turkish – Australian cuisine (the owner, Yilmaz, is a local Turkish man and Angela is his Australian wife) and a game of pool. During the warmer months you can enjoy your meal outside lounging on cushions, but during the cold seasons you must sit in the darker bar-like confines facing the big screen TV, the bar, or the pool table. While you are waiting you can play one of the board games readily available on different tables. But do not let any of this give you the mistazken impression that the food is not important. From sausage rolls to cheese and mushroom rolls, from nachos to more traditional Turkish dishes and even vegemite for you homesick Australians, you will find something you enjoy here. Expect to spend 15-30TL per person.
Contact Info:
Tel: 90-536-936-3652

Sark kosesi kirsehir cappadocia restaurants

* Şark Köşesi (Kirşehir)
Head an hour north and you hit Kirşehir, a town similar to Aksaray, except with a noticeable lack of curiosity. Kirşehir is the only smaller city I have visited in Turkey in which the local people showed no interest in the fact that a foreigner was there. Normally people at least look at me and often want to practice the few words of English (or German) they know but not in Kirşehir. I could not have been less noticed if I was invisible. In spite of that (or maybe because of it) I recommend a visit to this historic town. My favorite part of the town is the ancient Madrassa in the center of town with signs indicating that the pointy corner towers showed that the architect predicted rockets would one day enter outer space. But if you walk across the street from this 800 year old place of worship and education you can enter one of the coolest cafes in Cappadocia. Go through the glass door and downstairs and you will be transported back 100 years. Sit in one of the sofa-like seats, play backgammon, drink tea and eat some out-of-this-world Gözleme, which is similar to a quesadilla except with white cheese and your choice of potatoes, spinach, eggplant, ground beef or a combination. All of this including the lavaş, think huge tortilla, are homemade right in front of you by two women who sit by the fire all day rolling out the flat bread (see woman in photo below). This is a truly unique Turkish experience and one that is definitely worth the hour drive. I have been a few times and it is always packed. Expect to spend 10-15TL per person.
Contact Info:
Mini Çarşı Altı Akbank Yanı
Tel: 90-544-422-3468

Sofra restaurant zelve hotel cappadocia restaurants

* Sofra Restaurant (Zelve Hotel)(Avanos)
In the center of Avanos facing the town hall sits the Zelve Hotel and Sofra Restaurant. I eat breakfast here with two friends every Friday morning and am pleased with the food and service. They serve a traditional Turkish menu (all three meals) and even have cool place mats if you know some Turkish. I recommend the Sofra Kebab, which is basically a chicken Testi Kebab. They describe it as “Chicken, tomato, mushroom, pepper, and cheese in a clay pot”. If you are looking for a nice Turkish meal in Avanos, the Sofra Restaurant is a good choice. Expect to spend 15 – 25TL per person.
Contact Info:

Nazar boregi cafe goreme cappadocia restaurants

7. Nazar Börek Cafe (Göreme)
Turkish börek is one of those dishes that you either love or hate; I love it. White cheese stuffed between paper thin pastry sheets, either wet or dry, and baked. This cafe serves different kinds of börek along with a long list of salads, soups, and sandwiches. If you are looking for a good lunch in Göreme, you will be hard pressed to find a better one. Expect to spend about 10TL per person.

Mado cafe avanos cappadocia restaurants

* Mado (Avanos)
This newly opened “hip” franchise sits on the river bank with a wonderful view of Avanos and its towering mosque. This is the perfect place for soups, salads, sandwiches, sweet treats, and expensive ice cream. This is a great place to take a break, eat lunch or a treat and watch life go by in Avanos. The service is excellent, the view is beautiful, the food is tasty- add a good friend, and you will not find a better spot in Avanos. Expect to spend 10-20TL per person if you order food and not just ice cream.
Contact Info:
Avanos (on the river)
Tel: 90-384-511-5022/23

Merkez pastaneleri urgup

* Merkez Pastaneleri (Ürgüp)
Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, and you are in Ürgüp, than the place to go is this sit down sweet shop right across the street from the Bim market. Baklava, eclaires, cookies, chocolate bananas, ice cream and more, plus they serve a nice Turkish breakfast. I have been here a couple of times and have not been disappointed.
Contact Info:
Tel: 90-384-341-3523

Which of these Cappadocia restaurants interests you the most?

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