When things are falling apart all around you, what do you do?
Cappadocia Duru Hotel
Whatever it takes.

This is the motto of the Bağdatlı family who have operated the Duru Hotel in Avanos, Cappadocia since its inception in 1988.

Built upon the house that Mrs Nihal (Duru) Bağdatlı grew up in, the Duru Hotel sports one of the best panoramic views in Cappadocia, overlooking the Kızılırmak River flowing through Avanos, the northern slope of Aktepe (White Hill), and Mt Erciyes in the distance.

The Duru Hotel is a landmark in Avanos as it sits, perched above the downtown center, reminding this quaint town’s inhabitants of the noble history of Cappadocian hospitality. The initial addition to the Duru family hotel was built as a guest house for those tourists who came to shop at Osman Duru’s carpet shop, initially located in Çavuşin under the Nicephorus Church but later moved to Avanos.

During the mid-to-late 1980s the tourist boom began in Cappadocia evidenced by the plethora of hotels springing up, especially in Avanos. By the early 90s the number of hotels/pensions in this city was nearing 50, but within a few years that number was reduced to less than 10. The Duru Hotel is one of those that survived the ever-changing currents of a tourist town built on a river.
Duru Hotel Bahattin owner

Bahattin Bağdatlı is eager to welcome you to his Duru Hotel in Avanos Cappadocia.

When asked how they were able to survive, Bahattin Bağdatlı, the manager, husband to Nihal and son-in-law to Osman Duru, replied, “We don’t have a lot of employees. We are a family-run business, and all of our money is tied up in the hotel. When we needed to expand from 14 to 18 rooms (44 beds), we did it out of our own personal money. It has been 25 years, and we have nothing else other than this hotel.”
Duru hotel room

So, what did Bahattin and Nihal do when all other hotels were closing around them?

Whatever it took. Sacrifice. Hard work. Commitment to the dream of providing a place of rest and relaxation for incoming tourists so that they can enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and hospitality of Cappadocia.

However, if you are around the Bağdatlı family for any period of time, you will quickly realize that they are a lot more than just hotel owners, they have a beautiful family and a heart of hospitality that will make you feel like you are a guest in their home rather than in a hotel.

The accommodations are cozy with newly remodeled private bathrooms. Free wireless internet, laundry service upon request, year-round hot water and plenty of heat in the winter time. English is a bit limited, but if their son Burak is there, you should have no problems at all.
Duru hotel room 2

Cost of rooms are around $20-25 per person per night, including breakfast in the morning.
On a personal note, since 2005 I have been recommending hotels to visiting friends and acquaintances. The one hotel that I have mentioned the most has been the Duru in Avanos, and I have never heard anything but expressions of amazement at the panoramic view and great service.
View from Duru Hotel Avanos

Panoramic view of Avanos and the Central Cappadocia valley from the Duru Hotel.

OTHER DETAILS (also mentioned above):
* Website: www.hotelduru.com
* Tel: 0384.511.2404
* Cell: 0542.643.3491
* Price: $30-$40 per person per night
* Breakfast included
* Capacity: 18 rooms, 44 beds
* Free wireless internet
* Bathrooms in rooms

If you have stayed at the Duru Hotel, please leave a comment telling us about your experience.

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