Most visitors to Cappadocia stay in Göreme or Ürgüp, but if you do not consider yourself in the category of “most visitors”, then of all the Cappadocia hotels, the Castle Inn in Ortahisar may be the place for you.

Castle Inn Ortahisar sign property

Suat Ulasoy, Royal Balloon’s Chief Pilot, loves to meet people and make new friends. He lamented to me that one hour in a balloon is not enough time to satisfy his desire to talk to visitors and learn about their lives.

Castle Inn Ortahisar knight
Along with his wife, Elif, he decided the best way to solve this dilemma was to open a hotel. This way he could make new friends and connect with them over a longer period of time. He found the perfect spot in Ortahisar, bought it, renovated it with the nicest materials, and the Castle Inn was opened in November 2012.

With only 5 rooms in this boutique hotel, Suat’s hope is that the guests will feel like friends and consider the place their home. He even gives every visitor two keys, one to their room and one to the front door of the place.

Sitting in the shadow of Ortahisar’s rock castle and with a nice view of the river gorge abutting the village, this Cappadocia hotel is just the place for those tourists who are looking for a different Cappadocia experience.

Castle Inn Ortahisar property court
With 18 years’ experience talking to hot-air balloon passengers, Suat developed a good idea of what people preferred and heard his fair share of complaints. At the same time he has traveled a good bit and had plenty of ideas to make his hotel unique.

With this in mind he used only the nicest materials from custom-made beds, to branded lamps, orthopedic mattresses to highest quality bed linens and castle-themed decor throughout the premises.

As he showed me the different rooms, each of which has a:
* Fireplace,
* Satellite TV,
* Free wireless internet access,
* Free beverages in the refrigerators, and

* Free local phone calls
I was quite impressed and was thinking of making a reservation for me and my wife for her birthday.

Castle Inn Ortahisar branded lamp
As well each room includes a tablet PC which is quite a bonus for those travelers who are not bringing their computers. I was expecting crazy prices and asked with a bit of hesitancy how much he was charging. I was surprised to hear him say that the rooms range from 80-120 Euro, quite reasonable for what is being offered.

So, if you are planning your trip and trying to decide between different Cappadocia hotels, I recommend considering the Castle Inn in Ortahisar. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Phone: 90-384-343-3022
Location: Ortahisar, off the main square

Do you like to do what most tourists do or take the path less traveled?

Castle Inn Ortahisar archdouble

Plush, comfy bed and the couch becomes a second bed if needed.

Castle Inn Ortahisar cavedeluxe1

Go back a few thousand years, be a caveman (or cavewoman!) and live in a deluxe cave room.

Castle Inn Ortahisar view Suat

My friend, Suat, was very eager to show me his hotel with the rock tower/castle in the background.

Castle Inn Ortahisar bathroom

A spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

Castle Inn Ortahisar cavedeluxe patio

In nice weather sit out in front of your room and enjoy conversation and refreshments.

Castle Inn Ortahisar breakfast

The intimate breakfast room can also serve as a special order dining room if you so desire.

[DISCLAIMER: I received nothing for doing this post. Suat is a friend. I trust him and am happy to recommend his hotel. One of the purposes of this website is to highlight the local people of Cappadocia and try to help their businesses. At the same time we take the trust we have with our readers very seriously and will not recommend businesses/activities we do not think our readers will enjoy regardless of the friendship we have with a local.]

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