Derinkuyu is home to one of Cappadocia’s biggest underground cities.

It is also home to a few good restaurants and a lot of nice people.
Bey Konagi Cafe Derinkuyu Cappadocia entrance

But nobody knows that because most of the traffic in and out of Derinkuyu is group tours that spend an hour at the underground city, get back on the tour bus and leave.


For those of you who will make the 35 minute drive from Nevsehir on your own, and will have the freedom to walk around this quaint little town, may I recommend you visit the Bey Konağı Cafe?

The restaurant has a beautiful garden outside, a covered open-air patio, and an upstairs game salon…perfect for both the heat of summer, and the cold of winter.

Bey Konagi Cafe Derinkuyu Cappadocia Caglayan
Çağlayan Keskin, the owner, is a very personable man. He is from Derinkuyu but because his father worked in Germany, Çağlayan spent six years of his childhood in Germany. He is fluent in German and makes do in English so you can feel comfortable ordering the delicious gözleme made by his wife who also works there. In fact the whole establishment is a family affair. His father Murat, checks in on the business every day, his son Batuhan waits tables, and his little girl Nalan, walks around the cafe being cute!

They opened the restaurant in response to the need in Derinkuyu for a good cafe. They had been in tourism selling carpets in Derinkuyu since ’84. Çağlayan returned from his army service in ’94 and knew that the restaurant business was lacking in Derinkuyu, but Çağlayan’s father said “No, we can’t do restaurant work.” Çağlayan, full of Anatolian perseverance, didn’t give up.

Çağlayan had so much vision that he encouraged one of his friends to open a restaurant. The coworker picked a spot next to the bus stop of incoming tourists and did well for himself. Çağlayan, not one to say “I told you so,” went to his father and instead said “Dad, if he can do it, we can too.” And they left the carpet shop and opened Bey Konağı.

Bey Konagi Cafe Derinkuyu Cappadocia tables
With it’s location right next to the underground city the Bey Konagi Cafe is a great way for you to start or finish your day in Derinkuyu. If you get there early before the line gets long, you can stop for an organic breakfast with ingredients from Çağlayan’s own garden. If you get out of the underground city in the afternoon then you can walk the 100 feet to the garden and enjoy their kebabs or just have a Turkish coffee before you depart.

Bey Konagi Cafe Derinkuyu Cappadocia historical grapesEven if you don’t stop to enjoy a meal, you should go look at the architecture of the building. Çağlayan had the woodwork specially made in the motif of Derinkuyu’s Uzum Kilisesi. In the 1850’s the RumeliBey Konagi Cafe Derinkuyu Cappadocia uzum grapes wood population built two churches in Derinkuyu. One, next to the underground city had grapevine relief worked carved into the stone. Çağlayan had a master carver chisel the same motif into Bey Konağı Cafe as was found in the church.

Enjoy your day in Derinkuyu and enjoy a meal at Bey Konağı Cafe with Çağlayan. If you tell him you read about him on he has offered to give you dessert or Turkish coffee on him when you order a meal!

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